The competition for talent is on!

In EXO ARNVIND We believe that a modern competent headhunting company should be able to meet the following requirements to be a winner in the competition for talent:

  • There should be high competencies in the areas where headhunting takes place so that the analysis of the given recruitment challenge and the assessment of the candidates’ competencies is of high quality. Professionalism and the local language are at the same time a prerequisite for essential trust.
  • The processes should be specialized for headhunting of full-time positions, and not freelance consultants or regular applicants. If you try to use the same processes for all types of recruitments, you will systematically get poorer performance on the most challenging profiles.
  • Artificial intelligence and advanced technology used ethically correct – create a much larger candidate field and a more efficient process.
  • Networking and Referral strategies should be used intensively throughout EUROPE to attract otherwise “hidden” top candidates locally.
  • Certifications in state-of-the-art tests and interview techniques ensure a high quality of candidates also considering otherwise hidden traits and cultural fit.
  • International presence in key European markets

These are some of the areas where EXO ARNVIND really stand-out in attracting the best talent!

God luck in the autumn race for talent – from ARNVIND GROUP