World War C: Keep the economy going!

The whole world struggles with the Covid epidemic, and the enormous human and economical consequences. We all must adhere to strict social distancing, and probably for some time to come.

It’s like nothing the human race have seen for hundreds of years –  a bit like world war against a corona virus or World War C – as I like to call it – to grasp the cataclysmic size of the event.

But in the middle of this – there are lessons to be learned, assesments, new goals, plans to be made and executed – so that we all come out again on the other side.

The best weapon against the virus right now is for many to go online. We can’t afford to halt the economy for a long period of time, or we’ll make a bad situation even worse – so we need to start doing business again, but doing it online.

At the same time all businesses need to get robust. The ideal we are striding for every day right now, is a 100 % online business,  that can scale up/down quickly in terms of both people, and assets. A business with strong liquidity, and a solid balance sheet. At the same time we should be able to deliver superior products and service to our customers. The robust company is here to stay!

Everybody needs to focus more on Business Areas with strong relevance in the crisis. In our Cloud Software business we deliver advanced online collaboration, planning, and automation software – an area with great benefits in the current environment. We’ll need to focus even more on this!

So World War C is here – and we really need to take social distancing seriously – but at the same time – we need to keep the economy going!

This war wil hopefully be over in 6 -12 months. South Korea, and China has shown that the virus can be suppressed. Vaccines, and medicine are being tested – and made ready for large scale production.

So no doubt we will win this corona war – and hopefully come out more robust in the end.

Good luck out there – and stay healthy :-)