Job seekers use AI in job search, for CV and interview preparation

As a headhunting company committed to staying ahead of the curve, we at EXO ARNVIND are excited to see job seekers embracing artificial intelligence (AI) in their job search. A recent survey by of 1,000 current and recent job hunters found that nearly half of them (46%) are using chatbots to craft their CVs or cover letters.

But what’s most impressive is that those who used ChatGPT, an AI-powered chatbot, saw significant results. A whopping 70% of respondents reported a higher response rate from companies when using ChatGPT. What’s more, 78% of candidates who used the chatbot scored interviews, while nearly six in ten job hunters were hired after using the AI tool during their application process.

It’s no wonder Forbes recently highlighted the power of ChatGPT in empowering job seekers. As the publication noted, ChatGPT can provide answers to specific questions beyond what a basic Google search will find. It can help job seekers develop a list of questions to ask during an informational meeting, identify alternative job titles in a new industry, and even make a career shift to something entirely different. Plus, it helps get rid of writer’s block by crafting a rough draft of a cover letter, thank you note, or follow-up email.

At EXO ARNVIND, we believe that embracing AI is critical to staying competitive in today’s job market. We encourage job seekers to explore the power of ChatGPT and other AI-powered tools to boost their job search efforts. And as a headhunting company, we’re committed to leveraging the latest technology to connect our clients with the best talent available. So if you’re looking for top-tier candidates to fill your open positions, get in touch with us today.